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Easy Steps to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Let me ask you a question; can you and your family get by and survive for one-year if the power is off, the tap water is off and there is no food in the grocery stores, c-stores or any store? If you can’t, then you need to re-think your disaster planning for your family and come up with strategies to survive in the case of catastrophe. Why, a whole year you ask, surely the power, water and food distribution supply chain would not be out for a whole year? russian grocery store

Okay, that maybe true in most cases, but what about the biggie? What about a huge World War, Tsunami on the coast (if that is where you live), a Super Volcano, Bird Flu Pandemic, 10.0 Earthquake in your Region, or a Category 5 Hurricane in your metro-area? Think it cannot happen? It will, maybe not to you or your area, but somewhere in the World will be struck by one of these calamities, and just because you think you are safe, does not mean you are.

There is a big difference between reality and actuality. So, can your family survive without a heater, air-conditioning, grocery store, power, TV, Internet, and mind you we are talking about having none of the modern amenities at all. All those things that you are use to reduced to a remote village in a third-world nation. Now, we know that those in the third world live their entire lives like this, but can you?

What will you eat? Where will you get your water, how will you communicate, travel and stay safe? Ever consider this? You should, and you need a plan, a real plan. Why not go buy a book on survival and disaster strategies and read through it. Have some water saved, some extra can goods (couple 100 or so) and think about all the things you really need to survive.



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