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Male Back Waxing Treatments – What’s Included in Your Treatment

As both a consumer of male back waxing treatments and a male waxing therapist I have experienced so many variations of a men’s back wax treatment across London.

I have had back waxing that never includes the shoulders, waxing that did not include the hair on the back of the neck, and I have also had waxing where the top of the arms have not been included…

So as a waxing therapist I offer my male back waxing treatment with a more bespoke or tailored option and I find these suits the needs of most of my clients. 홈타이

I find that like me most men want to include the shoulders the neck and the arms within their treatment, so I have a flexible tariff within my treatment list (this is for most of my waxing treatments not just the back wax).

Waxing is very much an individual thing and no two clients are ever the same, some men have loads of body hair and the treatment takes longer and more waxing is required, and then there are those clients who don’t have very much body hair, or those clients who carry out regular maintenance waxing and the hair growth is kept to the minimum. For these very reasons I find that a flexible pricing option gives the fairest price, and this seems too work.

In my opinion it certainly is an industry where one price does not fit all!!…

My back waxing treatment involves a consultation to agree exactly which areas you want waxed, if it’s to include the neck shoulders arms etc. Then I will trim any excess hair prior to the waxing (only if the hair is very long, and I prefer to trim rather than the clients as i know the best length required).

When I wax the back I often get my clients to lay on their sides so I can create a more natural line between the chest and the back, and most of us men have a few strays hairs that are neither chest or back, and often best removed. I also get my clients to sit up so I can wax the shoulders and the neck so again creating a natural line and I always check with clients how they want their shoulders and arm hair waxed, it really is a very individual thing.

I carry out my waxing with a range of hypoallergenic waxes from Perron Rigot, and the range includes the pre and post cleansing and moisturising. I only use Perron Rigot waxes, they are the one of the best waxes on the market, and they offer an excellent waxing experience with minimum trauma on the skin.

One of my favourite products from Perron Rigot is their Jasmine oil, it’s a refined mineral oil that I use at the beginning as a barrier so that the wax clings to the hair and not the skin, it really makes a big difference on the skin, talc used to be used, but it’s really a very old fashioned way of waxing and most of the waxing companies now offer a range of oils to use.. I also use the oil at the end of the treatment as it removes any residual waxes left after the treatment and soothes and moisturises the skin.

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